The Habibi Life and your all time favorite Habibi Oil has been  rebranded to Noun Naturals! Why?

Q: “Khaled, why did you rebrand?”

A: We have grown internationally and started reaching a larger customer base and to reach more audiences, we had to rebrand the products with more known names.


Q: “So does that mean your product ingredients have changed too?”

A: Absolutely not! We take pride in being the number one company offering organic hair care solutions. Habibi Oil, now called “The Beard Oil” is among the top natural self-care brands in the nation. We use natural, organic ingredients proven to help fight hair loss, patchy beards, acne, and many other hygienic needs.


Habibi family is growing, and we rebranded our products to somewhat generalized names so that customers can understand what our product is by simply looking at it. We still have your favorites, and with our time off, added a lot more BANGER products!!! As a man, naturally, my most favorite product is ‘beard oil.’ Which, by the way, is our most popular product. Why? Well, it is natural, organic, and a gorgeous smelling solution. In fact, clients like to call it ‘liquid gold.’ Like what you see? What are you waiting for? Join the Noun Family today and submit your email below to be notified when we re-launch!