7 Essential Oils for Hair Growth & Health.

7 Essential Oils for Hair Growth & Health. - Noun Naturals

Hair growth and health stand as one of the most sought after life improvements in 2022. From at-home remedies and - ugh - drugstore-bought solutions, people all over the world are looking for some sort of solution. Let’s skip the unpronounceable ingredients that do more harm than good, and let’s get straight to the actual hard-work of the essential oils that can not only improve the growth of your hair, but its constant health, sheen, and hydration. 


Eucalyptus Oil

We all know that stimulating the hair follicles is one of the most important aspects of hair growth and health. Eucalyptus oil helps your scalp fight away dryness and itchiness while also fighting actively against lice. While your scalp gets the royal treatment, the eucalyptus oil also promotes hair growth. It’s a natural savior, really.

 Lemongrass Oil

Known to be one of the most effective treatments for dandruff, lemongrass oil fights bacteria and inflammation, which allows the scalp to breathe in the healthy way it was intended to. Lemongrass not only fights off dandruff, but continues to promote hair loss prevention, just as nature intended for us.

Lavender Oil

Antibacterial, antimicrobial, and effective at speeding up hair growth, lavender oil stands tall as a multi-fighter of the oils. While it continues to fight for your hair’s right to be healthy and hydrated, it also treats scalp acne so you can be sure the fight doesn’t just end at the roots, but it keeps going for proper scalp health. After all, what use are flowers without healthy soil, right

Rosemary Oil

Known for its cellular generation properties, rosemary oil promotes thickness in hair and overall hair growth. The rosemary oil also helps moisturize dry hair so you can enjoy hydrated and healthy hair just from a few drops. By also preventing scalp itchiness, the rosemary oil plays an important role in not just hair thickness but in scalp health to make sure you’re taken care of all the way through.

Cedarwood Oil

There are a lot of conditions that can form in the scalp, including dandruff and hair loss. Cedar oil is known to balance the oil-producing glands in the scalp so it can gently fight for hair growth. By mixing a couple drops of cedarwood oil with a carrier oil, you can see the antifungal properties get right to work.

Tea Tree Oil

By mixing tea tree oil into a shampoo or conditioner, you can benefit from its moisturizing properties. While the tea tree helps with hair growth and scalp health, it has also been shown to fight against lice and dandruff. 

Pine Oil

I like to call Pine Oil the Shine Oil. Because it is known for cleaning hair and enhancing its natural shine and smoothness, pine oil acts as an excellent contributor to healthy luscious hair. Just for good measure, pine oil does an excellent job at fighting against dandruff, lice, and other itchy scalp conditions. 

Look, we all know that there is a lot of information out there, and these seven essential oils are stellar. From dandruff protection to hair moisturization and everything in between that’s necessary for hair growth and health, these oils do it all. Some of them are hard to find, only available at specific grocery stores, and others maybe even more-so. That’s exactly why we crafted The Hair Oil - and yes, the “the” is intentional. We know how many options are out there when it comes to hair repair oils, and what to use at night when it comes to your scalp. That’s exactly why the “the” belongs in our product title - it’s what we consider to be not just a hair oil for your scalp and hair, but the hair oil.  

With this hair routine, you don’t want to ignore a proper shampoo and conditioner, both of which are great carriers for these essential oils. Our daily shampoo and daily conditioner are both filled with turmeric and organic black seed oil which are known to elevate the scalp relief and hair growth, respectively.  

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