How Noun Came to Be.

Buckle up, you haven’t read an About Us story like this. In 2017, I began losing hair at the young age of 18. A spiral search on the internet led me to realize that I couldn’t just blame genetics or luck, I could blame myself. I was at fault for using store-bought products without looking at the ingredients, without understanding the label, without putting my effort where it belonged: ingredients that were beneficial, ingredients that I could pronounce. And that’s when Habibi Life was born. My mother began giving me remedies that relied more on natural ingredients like oils and these solutions completely replaced all of the store-bought items that were doing the exact opposite: thinning my hair, drying my scalp, and so much worse. 

In 2019, Habibi Life was sued. Yeah, didn’t see that one coming, right? I promise there’s an explanation - just hear me out. Since I was so young, I didn’t know trademark infringement was a thing. But there I was, stuck in a plaintiff-did-not-want-to settle situation for two straight years, wishing I could just get back to doing what I love: giving people the natural hair solution that they deserve. 

In January of 2021, once I exhausted all my options and couldn’t afford to continue appearing in court and defending myself, I gave up the Habibi Life trademark and moved on to something that I believed captured exactly what I was trying to do in the natural ingredients space:

Noun Naturals.

Once Noun came alive, there was a minty freshness to all the air I was breathing - things felt better, my product improved, and most noticeably, my passion was re-fueled. I didn’t just want to get everyone to know the name of my brand, I wanted them to fall in love with what was in the bottle, to come back for more, to love my product and most importantly, to love themselves. Noun Naturals is a brand that focuses on trashing the store-bought hard-to-pronounce ingredients and replacing them with natural, pronounceable, and healthy ingredients in everything you use. From shea butter to pink salt to rosemary oil and everything in between, I’ve built a brand that not only cares about what goes in the bottle and how it looks, but cares about the person using it:
Because there is no Noun without U.