About Us

At Noun Naturals, we set and expect a new standard of quality and control. Each of our products are hand-made with all natural and organic ingredients. We know you’re putting our oils on your hair and face so we’ve removed any potentially harmful ingredients to leave us with pure natural bliss. 

Are you a staunch believer in herbal and physical therapy? Let's ask you this. Did you know that essential oils and cold-pressed oils have immense potential to solve common hair and skin problems? If so, we are elated to tell you that you have arrived right at the hub!

Here at Noun Naturals, we strive to create oils of the highest quality that render the best possible results. The brand that is well-reputed worldwide started as a small startup a teenager dreamt of. Hi my name is Khaled, founder and owner of Noun Naturals. I was a typical teenager, peculiar about my appearance, especially my hair. At the age of 18, when I first experienced hair loss, I was devastated.

As natural remedies, I tried cold-pressed oil treatments like castor oil. To my amazement, they worked, and that’s when I got the idea of launching a new brand that would enhance customer experience by providing excellent plant-based  products at an affordable price tag. I turned every harmful self care product I used growing up into natural alternatives, one example can be our Balm. Harmful hair gels and paste ruined my hair at a young age, I still wanted to brush my hair up and have that medium shine, then I came up with the Balm. An all natural alternative to harmful hair styling products. 

Noun Naturals is the complete solution for all your plant based, self care needs. Our arsenal is filled to the brim with unique, certified items from thickening of hair to controlling hair loss!

The sole purpose of  Noun Naturals is to provide you with natural, organic, toxin-free self-care that would benefit you in every aspect of your life. Enjoy feeling more awesome than David Tyree after his helmet catch in Super Bowl 42 after applying our products