What Happened to Habibi Life and the Famous Habibi Oil?

Hair Loss. Patchy Beards. Cystic Acne - What's the one-stop solution to all these problems? Obviously, Habibi Life.


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I am Khaled, founder of Noun Naturals (formerly Habibi Life) , and I am here to ensure that you get natural, organic solutions to overcome all these problems. "Habibi Life" disappeared for a while, and it worried our customers, which is understandable. So this blog is being written to share with you what actually happened to Habibi life!

We Rebranded to Noun Naturals!! 

We love our customers, and so for the brand to grow further globally, we had to rename some products. The ingredients are still the same, and just the names have changed. Your most favorite products will now be known as follows:

  • Beard Oil: The most popular Habibi oil is the one for beards. Now known as the ‘beard oil,’ this liquid gold is available in our original and new authentic Oud scents!
  • Hair Oil: Ladies Habibti Oil’ most favorite hair solution is now called ‘hair oil. This one is the perfect gold blend of organic amla, black seed, and castor oil.
  • Balm: Our favorite one, Habibi balm, is now known as ‘balm oil.’ This one is best for handling itchy beards and weakened hair.
  • Body Butter: Our organic body butter previously called Habibi Lush is now called “The Body butter”

So here we are! Same ingredients, just a new name.

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